SAB SMAS lifting of face and neck


While traditional lifting is touching only skin layer, SAB SMAS lifting is working on a deeper layers, enabling to radically eliminate age-related changes, whilst remaining natural mouth and eye shape. This operation helps to bring back the face shape without an effect of extensively stretched skin, as well as to remove deep wrinkles on the corners of upper and lower lips. An incision will be made in a temple area, going up on hair growth line towards earlobe from the front, finishing behind the ear.  SAB SMAS lifting will pull up a muscle tissue and remove unnecessary fat and skin.

After 5 days of operation bandage? holding lifting results will be taken off. Suture will be removed twice: in front of the ears after 1 week, behind the ears after 10-14 days.

  • General anaesthesia

  • Length of surgery: 3-5 hours

  • Suture removal: twice, on 7th and 14th day after surgery

  • 1 night stay at hospital

  • Cost of surgery: max. 8,100,000 - 9,450,000 KRW

High intensity ultrasound therapy, work effectively on dermal layer that creates wrinkles. Famous for its active effect on wrinkles, pores and lifts the turkey neck only after one procedure. Due to an ultrasound the elasticity of skin improves, it stimulates regenerative process in body, creates new collagen, elastin,  and as a result it gives lifting effect. Patient can feel an effect of the procedure after 90 days, because collagen appears on a 30-60 day after the procedure. This procedure does not require recovery period, it is recommended to receive about 500 impulses for a better result.

Cost of surgery: 3,000,000 KRW

For removing skin problems. Significantly improves skin structure and soothes scars. It stimulates creation of a collagen with a help of a lazer, that can be directed in a deepest layers of a skin. The use of it enables to reach an effect of skin recovery and soothe scars surface. The improvement of scars condition is about 20-30% after one procedure. The doctor gives individual recommendations based on a patient’ skin condition.

  • Anaesthesia: numbing cream

  • Length of a surgery: 15 min

  • Cost of surgery: 600,000 KRW

Aqua toning

Therapy for correction of pigmented areas. Includes injection of hyaluronic acid and selective effect on melanin pigments and freckles with a help of Q-switched Nd:yg lazer. The procedure gives a visible effect of soothing pores, lightning of a skin tone and correction of pigmented areas.


  • Procedure cost: 600,000 KRW

The newest injection procedure you can receive only in Korea.  Biomaterial (polynucleotides) is taken from salmon DNA and injected in skin for a treatment of an old and damaged skin cells in a natural way., The injection stimulates slef regeneration of skin, (natural production of collagen and elastin), cure old and damaged DNA inside the skin, repair the skin layer and epidermal barrier.


  • Cost of surgery: 3,000,000 KRW

Calcitonin (Salmon) injection

Effective and low-traumatic procedure for a correction of face shape, and creation of  a V-shape contour with improvement of a skin tone. The difference between dermatoxin and botox is in a place where botulotoxin is inserted - botox is inserted in muscles and dermatoxin - in the skin.  An effect can be seen after 2 weeks and remains during following 3-4 months.


  • Procedure cost: 500,000 KRW

The incision is made starting from back side of an ear towards hairline at the back of the head and one more on the chin,  whilst skin and soft tissues of the neck are lifted up in the center and on the sides. Also, deleting the adipose tissue (fat) helps to improve the neck contour.  Sutures and bandages are removed on the 7th and 10th day after operation (the day of the operation is counted as 0).

Neck lifting


The surgery helps to remove visible wrinkles from forehead. Not only it effectively lifts up forehead skin by minimally invasive methods, it also “opens up” an eyes area, giving it a strong rejuvenating effect, whilst your natural crease will remain and heavy eyelids removed.


There will be 3-5 little incisions on a hairy part of your head (1-2ccm). Endoscope is used for an uplifting of soft eyebrow and forehead tissues, as well as the power of eyebrows muscles, that tenses and create wrinkles between eyebrows is reduced. Absorbent device(Endotine) is used for fixing, what gives a long term and natural lifting effect.

Sutures and bandages are removed on a 7th day after surgery(the day of the operation is counted as 0).

  • Anaesthesia: sedative

  • Length of surgery: 1,5 hours

  • Surgery Cost: 6,000,000 KRW

Lipofilling (of an upper eyelid)

The fat is taken from belly or tights area and is injected in a selective parts of the face, not only adding it a beautiful shape and volume, but also nourish the skin, because injections of own fat give a strong effect of rejuvenating skin. This procedure will add a required volume to a thin skin in a places of wrinkles due to a stimulation of collagen.


  • Anaesthesia: sedative

  • Length of surgery: 1,5 h

  • Average Surgery cost: 3,000,000 KRW

Endoscopic forehead lifting

Through 2 micro-holes cannulas are inserted and a fat is drained out. In Grand Clinic we use lazer, vibration and water-assisted liposuction devices. Its advantages are а)low traumatism, б) absence of bruises 3) absence of visible stitches and scars 4) possibility to perform liposuction on hardly reachable areas 5) high effectiveness and esthetical effect that is visible right after the procedure 6) short rehabilitation period

  • General anaesthesia

  • Length of surgery: 1 - 1,5 hours

  • Suture removal: on 7th and 14th day after surgery

  • 1 day stay in hospital

  • After liposuction you will need special compression garments

  • Surgery Cost: max. 4,000,000 KRW

After liposuction neck lifting can be offered additionally minimally invasive neck lifting, that can help to remove excessively stretched skin. An incision is made behind the ears and the layer of SMAS muscle skin is drawn, while cutting away any extra skin. Due to removal of excessive skin from cheeks a chin is obtaining a distinct shape, that brings additional long-term rejuvenating effect.


  • General anaesthesia

  • Length of surgery: h 30 min  - 2 hours

  • Suture removal: on 7th and 14th day after surgery

  • 1 night stay at hospital

  • Cost of surgery: max. 8,000,000 KRW

Double chin Liposuction

Neck lifting