Depending on a shape, volume and level of ptosis (breast omission), with augmentation of breast with lifting there are three methods that can be used:


  1. Circular mastopexy

The incision ss done once around the areola, after that an excessive skin without fibrograndular densities, with following application of cosmetic sutures, that lift glands.  Because the incisis is performed around areola, where the color is changing, the scar will be barely visible.

  1. Vertical mastopexy

The incision is done around areola + additional vertical incision starts from areola down to a fold under the breast. Despite the small size of a formed scar, unfortunately it will be slightly visible after the surgery. But due to the fact that it is located under the breast and becomes less visible with time, it will be easily psychologically accepted.

  1. Periareolar, Vertical, Inframammary incision (under the breast)

The following method is most commonly used with lifting and augmentation of breasts.

The ptosis of a breast is a result of age and experience of breastfeeding (or its absence).