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Yonsei Gangnam Severance

Yonsei University Health System, which established Gangnam Severance Hospital (now ranked as 9th in the list of top 10 Korean hospitals), is recognized as Korea’s most globalized medical center and a driving force behind improvement in the nation’s medical services.


Gangnam Severance Hospital operates 36 divisions including 3 specialist hospitals (CancerHospital, Spine Hospital, and Dental Hospital) and 3 institutes (The Institute of Logopedics and Phoniatrics, Rehabilitation Institute of Muscular Diseases,and TheSpine and Spinal Cord Institute).


Additionally, there are several centers such as Health Promotion Center, Cardiovascular Center, Endocrinology and JoslinDiabetes Center, Cerebrovascular Center, Emergency CareCenter, Hospital Referral Center, and Clinical Trial Centerwhich manage and care the critical patiens.


Mostly developed spheres:


Cancer treatment,


Spine treatment


Dental treatment

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