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Seoul National University Hospital Healthcare System  

Gangnam Center

With a great blend of top-class medical staff, state-of-the-art medical equipment, and convenient facilities
SNUH Gangnam Center will always be your reliable health partner.

Competitiveness (Customer Satisfaction Management)

Gangnam Center boasts Korea’s best medical staff and medical equipments.

With the top-class faculty of Seoul National University Hospital, the SNUH Gangnam Center has embraced the principles of responsible management. The competitive edge of Gangnam Center lies in the state-of-the-art medical equipment, reliable test results, customized program tailored to the customer’s needs, and the digital Total Health Record system

Full-time physicians on the Seoul National University Hospital faculty

  • After the test the patient will be observed and monitored by a qualified individual in the endoscopy or a recovery area until a significant portion of the medication has worn off.

  • Renowned physicians who serve on the SNUH faculty will review all the test results including endoscopy.

Medical checkup programs tailored to meet individual needs

  • One-stop health checkup service with CT and MRI systems in place.

  • Comfortable and pleasant atmosphere (in clean and pleasant hospital surroundings).
    (Sedative endoscopy, Apply local anesthetic cream before blood sampling, etc.)


Medical Equipment

The Gangnam Center is equipped with cutting-edge digital medical devices including MRI, CT, and PACS.

Utilizing the advanced, automated system of the SNUH Laboratory Medicine department, the Gangnam Center provides accurate diagnosis and analysis of the patient’s health condition and diseases with the state-of-the-art medical equipment.


CT scan

Ultrasound Imaging System

Endoscopy Video System

Ultrasound Unit for Temporomandibular


Digital Mammography

Bone Densitometery

Panoramic Radiography



Exercise ECG Test


C-ARM for Musculoskeletal Examination

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