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Spine treatment Orthopedics

Health issues related to orthopedics are also successfully treated in Korea.


Orthopedic Surgery is a medical field that involves the examination, restoration, recovery and improvement of the configuration and function of the limbs, spine, and their appendages using internal medical, surgical and physical approaches.


Advanced equipment like MRIs, CTs and MISSs is used to accurately diagnose spine and rheumatism illnesses.


Such diseases as degenerative arthritis, disc herniation, spinal stenosis, spinal trauma, tumors and other injuries of the spine can be treated through microsurgery, interventional and other minimal-pain high-tech procedures. 


Such procedure as knee replacement became a common procedure for the South Korean orthopedic surgeons.

Total Knee arthroplasty (knee replacement) is a surgical proceduretoreplace the weightbearing surfaces of knee joint to relieve pain or disability. The procedure is performed in cases of knee diseases or trauma and consists of replacing the diseased or damaged joint surfaces with metal and plastic components shaped to allow continued motion of the knee.


Benefits of Knee Replacent

Durable prosthesis made of new composite materials

Short rehabilitation period

Improving quality of life


Korean Hospitals known for their Orthopedic departments

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