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Health Check up

Health Screening Programs is the best way to prevent the occurrence of the disease or to identify a serious illness at an early stage so that it can be cured completely. Comprehensive health screenings can put an end to your health worries.

Health check ups in Korea are fast and effective, carried out by experienced doctors using a variety of methods and state-of-the-art equipment.

Basically all Health Diagnostic Programs can be classified as following :  Basic Comprehensive Health Screening: physical measurement, cardiopulmonary function tests (CPET), gynecologic tests, etc.Intermediate Comprehensive Health Screening: Basic Screening, ultrasound, echo-cardiogram, bone density test, etc.
Advanced Comprehensive Health Screening: Intermediate Screening, MRI, PET-CT, etc.

Extensive Health Screening Program for a specific symptoms or specific areas (like lung cancer, heart disease, etc.):  Precise diagnoses are provided by experienced medical specialists using cutting-edge medical equipment, such as DDR, PACS, TLAS, PET-CT, CT, MRI, and RT. One-stop, follow-up care is provided promptly in the case that any abnormalities are discovered.

Following Hospitals offer one of the best comprehensive health check programs.

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