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Korea uses the most advanced dental technology and is well-known for implants and orthodontics. Dentists from around the world come to Korea to learn and acquire such technology. Dental health clinics in Seoul are especially skilled in aesthetic dentistry like teeth whitening and cosmetic dentistry.

Dental treatment in Korea is fast, thus implants can be done in a day. 

Such services as orthodontics, high-tech prosthetics are also professionally performed in Korea. 


Most common procedures


Esthetic and conservative restorations and bleaching

Normal esthetics and functions are recovered by restorations with various dental materials; tooth colored resin / porcelain, amalgam, gold alloy. Esthetic dental problems, such as abnormal shapes or discoloration, are managed with tooth whitening and /or tooth colored restoration for enhancing pleasant appearance


Hypersensitivity treatment

Severe sensitivity to thermal stimuli or acidic foods is frequently caused by the exposure of root surfaces due to aggressive tooth brushing or heavy force on the teeth. Teeth with hypersensitivity can be treated by applying desensitizing agents or tooth-colored fillings.


Root canal therapy (endodontic treatment) and apical microsurgery

Teeth with pulpal and apical pathosis could be saved by nonsurgical and/or surgical endodontic procedures aided by dental microscope.


Tooth replantation and transplantation

When conventional treatment fails, intentional extraction, treatment of the tooth outside the socket and almost immediate replacement can be performed for the last resort. And if the tooth cannot be saved because of severe decay or a periodontal problem, a third molar (wisdom tooth) can be transplanted to the missing area.


We work with two of the best Korean dental clinics. Click the links below to learn more about each of them.

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